Apply For HUD Housing


If you want to apply for HUD housing, you should first check the eligibility requirements because not everyone is eligible. The eligibility requirement to apply for HUD housing is that the family income should not exceed 50 percent of the median income for the county or metropolitan area. The income limits for a particular area can be gotten through the local housing authority office.

Process to Apply for HUD Housing:

In order to apply for HUD housing, you should first contact the local HUD office. The office will direct you then to the appropriate local housing authority office.

Make sure you make an appointment for your meeting and carry all relevant documents like paycheck stub, tax return and birth certificate. If you receive benefits, make sure you carry along your benefits statements.

Fill out an assistance application and you will have to fill out certain question like who will be living with you, whether you have any special needs and what your income is.

You should also calculate how much 30 percent of your take home is as this is the amount that the program will allow you to pay for rent. You might be eligible for rent subsidy or some other form housing assistance so determine your family size and income. If you are eligible, then you have to fill out an application for Section 8. You will be supplied this application if you meet the requirements.

Get a list of affordable housing properties in your area but make sure you figure out which properties fall under rental certificate program and rental voucher program. These are both Section 8 housing programs.

Once you short list the homes you want to see, contact the landlords or managers to arrange a walk-through.