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Tags Predatory Lending

Tag: Predatory Lending

Settlements For Victims Of Predatory Lending

Predatory lending can be described as implementation of unfair loan terms on borrowers through aggressive sales tactics. Predatory lenders or loan sharks deceive customers...

Predatory Lending And Punitive Damages

Predatory lending practices are fast becoming a major issue of concern for the U.S. legislators. As per the law, predatory lending is an illegal...

Lawsuit Settlement Cases For Mortgage Fraud And Predatory Lending

Predatory lending practices are detrimental to a nation’s economy. These practices can have a severe effect on the financial situation of borrowers, from which...

Predatory Lending And Auto Financing

Bad credit car loan with no down payment? No problem? May be not so. According to the information from Consumer Federation of America (CFA), more...

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