What Are The Qualifications For HUD Housing


HUD or the Housing and Urban Development has programs that offer affordable housing to low income and moderate income individuals, families, elderly and people with disabilities. In order to qualify for HUD, you have to a US citizen or with proper immigration status, you have be within the income limits prescribed by the HUD and as an elderly, you have to be 62 years and above.

Although the overall program is administered by the HUD, it ultimately falls on the housing agencies in different areas to qualify a person or family. This is usually done with the help of income limits sets by the HUD, which falls into two categories — lower income limits at 80 percent and very low income at 50 percent of the median income for the county or metropolitan area where the applicant wants to reside. In addition, the housing agency can deny your application if you have habits that are detrimental to the project or other tenants.

In order to apply for public housing through HUD, you have to contact your local housing agency. The application must be written and this means that you will have to fill out the application form by hand.

Qualifications for HUD Housing:

In order to determine your eligibility or to qualify for HUD housing, the housing agency will require the following information:

– Names of all persons who would be living in the unit, their gender, date of birth and relationship to the head of the family
– The applicants present address and telephone number
– Family characteristics or circumstances that might qualify the family for tenant selection preferences
– Names and addresses of the present and previous landlords so that the housing agency can check suitability of the applicant as a tenant
– Estimate of the family’s anticipated income in the next 12 months and the source of income
– The names and addresses of employer, banks and any other information that can assist the housing agency to verify the applicant’s income and deductions

Once you submit the application with all the required information, it is quite possible that representative from the housing agency might visit you to interview you and your family members to find out how you manage to upkeep your current home. You will also have to give documents like paycheck stubs, income tax returns and birth certificates to the representative for verifying the information contained in your application.
Once the formalities are over, you will be notified in writing about your eligibility and if you are eligible, your name will be put on a waiting list. If you are ineligible, the housing agency has to inform you the reason for it in writing.